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:60 Hospice Support Fund PSA

Many people will spend hours each day getting painful and often useless treatments and tests, and be asked to take dozens of debilitating drugs. For many the cure is worse than the disease. This often has negative and lasting effects on family and friends who are often left with feelings of guilt and regret for years to come. 

Hospice Support Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting end of life care at home rather than in a hospital so patients can spend their last days in dignity and peace, pain-free in familiar, comfortable surroundings with friends and family.

Facts about home hospice care:

  • It’s a proven fact; patients live longer when cared for at home than in a hospital yet less than 15% of hospitals inform critically/terminally ill patients they have the option of end of life home care. It is important to make sure every hospital is required to let patients know they have the home care option.
  • If a critically/terminally ill patient is allowed to see a palliative care doctor very early in their illness, it has been shown they will suffer less pain, be more comfortable, and patient and family alike will feel better about treatment going forward. Yet today very few patients will ever see a palliative care doctor until it is often too late.
  • Home care is being denied hundreds of thousands of patients with Alzheimer's, Heart Disease, COPD, and other diseases because they will not be reimbursed for a home care provider after a certain period. 80% of these patients would rather be at home and insurance rules should be changed so they can be at home.

Every American should have the dignified peaceful end they all wish for.


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