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TV Personality Sean Lowe Partners with the Banfield Foundation on a Public Service Announcement to Help Ensure All Pet Owners are Prepared for the Unexpected

According to a Banfield Pet Hospital survey, 91 percent of pet owners are not prepared for the next natural disaster

Banfield Foundation disaster preparedness :60s PSA

TV Personality Sean Lowe was on the ground after Hurricane Harvey and knows firsthand the devastation and confusion natural disasters create. Sadly, it wasn’t just people who were affected—pets have faced their own hardships in the aftermath, with thousands displaced or missing. As we head into hurricane season this year, Sean has partnered with the Banfield Foundation for a national public service announcement to help ensure all pet owners are prepared for the unexpected. Available in :60, :30 and :15 for both TV and Radio, the PSA encourages pet owners to understand how to properly prepare before a natural disaster strikes.

Disaster Preparedness Tips for Pet Owners Include:

  • Create a pet disaster preparedness kit that includes basic survival needs like three to seven days of food and water and two-weeks’ worth of medications.

  • Compile contact information. Identify and create a list of places to evacuate with your pets, such as pet-friendly hotels or boarding facilities, and include contact information and addresses for each.

  • Ensure your pets are microchipped.

  • In the event of a natural disaster, never leave your pets behind in vehicles, tethered or crated without you or a member of your family.


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