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May 11, 2015
60-Second PSA from National Limousine Association Educates You on Why it’s Important in The World of Digital Hitchhiking

The National Limousine Association ( has produced a new on-air public service announcement to educate the industry and public at large about the risks and hazards of transportation network companies (TNCs).

Apr 1, 2015
Did you know one in four car crashes are estimated to involve cell phone use? While 80% of drivers think using a hands-free device is a safer option that is just not the case.

This PSA from the National Safety Council emphasizes how even a quick hands-free phone call while driving can have deadly consequences. Precious lives are at stake when drivers choose to use their cell phones. This PSA was created as part of larger Calls kill campaign aimed at parents, who tend to be more responsive to safety messages.

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