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Junior Achievement (JA) is launching a new awareness campaign aimed at connecting volunteers from the community with young people as mentors and role models. The campaign, titled “Inspiring Tomorrows™, will highlight the transformative impact a caring adult can have on a young person, not only by providing support, but by inspiring and preparing young people with essential life skills.

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Getting children vaccinated with all CDC-recommended doses at the scheduled time is important to help protect them from serious illnesses. To increase awareness in Pittsburgh for this important issue, the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh and Pfizer has partnered together to launch a new public service announcement campaign. The :30 PSA features Father Paul Abernathy, CEO of the Neighborhood Resilience Project urging Pittsburgh residents to get their children vaccinated.

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No matter the season, parents nationwide take the necessary steps to ensure their children can participate in a variety of activities at school, at home, and everywhere in between. Many families breathe a little easier knowing their children have health coverage under Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which has year-round enrollment.

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En todo el país, sin importar la época del año, los padres toman las medidas necesarias para asegurar que sus hijos participen en una extensa variedad de actividades, sea en la escuela, en la casa o en otro lugar. Muchas de estas familias se quedan tranquilas sabiendo que sus hijos tienen la cobertura de salud de Medicaid y del Programa de Seguro de Salud Para Niños (CHIP por sus siglas en inglés) que proveen seguro médico todo el año.

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One person alone can’t beat cancer – it takes a team. Founded in 2005, Breakaway from Cancer® aims to increase awareness of important education and resources available to those impacted by cancer – from prevention to survivorship.

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