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Pamela Anderson Calls Out Ride-Hailing Labor Injustices

Actress & Activist Partners with Ride Responsibly Cautioning Public about Unfair Business Practices of Ride-Hail Apps


NLA "The Closer" PSA

The National Limousine Association’s Ride Responsibly™ initiative is back with its fourth public service announcement starring actress and activist Pamela Anderson. The PSA calls into question the labor practices of ride-hailing services and the misleading hiring tactics deployed to lure drivers.

The video titled “The Closer”, directed by acclaimed artist Luke Gilford, is a shift from the Ride Responsibly safety-focused PSAs, drawing attention to the deceptive labor practices of ride-hailing companies. In this PSA, Pamela Anderson stars as the villain – a ride-hailing service super-recruiter – who can convince anyone to sign up as a driver by misleading them with compliments and charm and assuring them that they don’t require common employee benefits such as health insurance or designated work hours.

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